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Are you being paid fairly?

We’ll help you find out.

Introducing compensation reports built especially for you

Get personalized feedback on your pay from professionals in your field, hiring managers, and recruiters.

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For once, head into a negotiation feeling confident and prepared

“81cents gave me the confidence to go for it.” - Clare, Marketing Director, 8% increase

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Curated advice and insights from seasoned hiring managers.

There’s something comforting about having professionals in your specific field look at your specific offer and confirm its fairness (or unfairness).

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You’re a product manager at a mid-size startup in LA with 2 years of product and 4 years of consulting experience? No problem.

Expect feedback from Senior PMs in LA, LA-based hiring managers, and PM recruiters.

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In addition to feedback, your report also comes with recruiter-vetted negotiation best practices.

81cents is also supported by an Advisory Committee of Berkeley and Harvard negotiations professors.

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100% Anonymous

Let’s face it, it’s still taboo to talk about money.

We fully understand this and go to great lengths to protect your personal information. Your data is anonymized and you get to decide what’s shared with reviewers.

Real Women, Real Results

And, real testimonials!

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Sarah, Brand Strategist
Increased base salary by 10%

“The thoughtful feedback provided by reviewers was invaluable, helping me gain a better understanding of my worth. 81cents gave me the confidence to successfully negotiate a 10% increase in salary!”


Emily, Associate Producer
Increased base salary by 28%

“81cents gave me an understanding of my job in the context of others in my exact position. The report provided valuable data & boosted my confidence in advance of asking my manager for a raise. And, most importantly, it worked!”

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Lisa, Director of Product
Increased base salary by 7.5%

“What a wonderful idea, service, & execution! Feeling confident going into compensation conversations can be daunting without data & social validation. I love that 81cents is tackling these challenges.”


Note: Names, companies, and photos above have been changed to protect anonymity.

Our Impact

Cumulative results, October 2018 - April 2019

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Total Increase in Compensation

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Average Salary Increase

Not actively negotiating? You can still be involved with 81cents!

81cents reviewers take four minutes a month to weigh in on the fairness of offers and compensation packages submitted on our platform. Men are welcome and encouraged to apply, too!

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