5 Minutes / Month to Help Close the Gap

81cents reviewers take a few minutes a month to weigh in on the fairness of compensation packages.

Getting involved is simple. You tell us a bit about you, and how frequently you’re interested in reviewing compensation packages. Once accepted, you join a network of experienced professionals, hiring managers, and recruiters. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to apply!


Why Review?

Just a few of the reasons why our 350+ reviewers love working with 81cents.

  1. It’s quick - Take four minutes / month to make a concrete dent in the wage gap.

  2. It’s impactful - Make a meaningful difference in someone’s earning power. You’ll get detailed results from every negotiation you support so you can quantify your impact, too.

  3. It’s interesting - Find out what other people are earning in your industry and learn valuable skills for your own future negotiations and benchmark your own pay. One 81cents reviewer didn’t realize they were being underpaid until they saw offers from similar roles.

  4. Exclusive reviewer perks - coming soon!


Meet Our Reviewers

We’re lucky to be joined by accomplished professionals who review compensation packages through 81cents.


Hadar D.

Senior Product Manager

Andrew Fas  - Title

Hannah H.

Product Marketing Manager

Andrew Fas  - Title

Angela S.

Lead Product Manager

It’s super interesting to see what sort of offers are being given in my field. I especially love hearing about the negotiations outcomes of the individuals I support. 81cents is truly amazing!
— Amrita, Account Manager, NY
It means so much to me to know that I’m able to help someone else to fight for equal and fair compensation — and that we can help each other out in these critical moments.
— Angela, Lead Product Manager, SF

Here’s How It Works

Provide much needed data and validation for negotiations in just 5 minutes.

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Let us know what type of roles you feel qualified to weigh in on, and how frequently you’d like to review.

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Get notified via email when a compensation package is available for your review. Fill out 4 short questions (takes 5 minutes!).

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Receive detailed negotiation results from the individual you advised, including the details of the compensation package they ultimately ended up with.