4 Minutes / Month

We’ve built a network of experienced professionals, hiring managers, and recruiters.

81cents reviewers take four minutes a month to weigh in on the fairness of offers and compensation packages submitted on our platform. Men are welcome and encouraged to apply, too!


Why Review?

Just a few of the reasons why our 250+ reviewers love working with 81cents.

  1. It’s quick - take four minutes / month to make a concrete dent in the wage gap.

  2. It’s impactful - you’ll get detailed results from every negotiation you support so you can quantify your impact and learn for your own future negotiations, too!

  3. It’s interesting - find out what other people are earning.

  4. It’s helpful - stay up-to-date with market data for your industry and function. One 81cents reviewer didn’t realize they were being underpaid until they saw offers from similar roles.

  5. Exclusive reviewer perks - coming soon!


Meet Our Reviewers

We’re lucky to be joined by a number of accomplished professionals who review and advise on compensation packages through the 81cents platform.


Henry D.

Product Manager, Lyft

Andrew Fas  - Title

Laurel T.

Head of Product, Electronic Arts (EA)

Andrew Fas  - Title

Jaya S.

Director of Product, Cisco

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It’s super interesting to see what sort of offers are being given in my field. I especially love hearing about the negotiations outcomes of the women I support. 81cents is truly amazing!
— Amrita, Account Manager, NY
It’s helpful to see what types of compensation are being offered in my field. I’ve struggled to figure out if what I make is “normal” or low/high, being a reviewer helps me benchmark.
— Kam, Product Manager, SF

Here’s How It Works

Provide much needed data and validation for negotiations in just 4 minutes.

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Let us know what sort of roles you feel qualified to weigh in on, and how frequently you’d like to review.

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Get notified via email when a compensation package is available for your review. Fill out 4 short questions (takes 4 minutes!).

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Receive detailed results from the negotiation of the woman you advised, including the details of the compensation package they ultimately ended up with.