Pay disparities extend beyond gender lines


In the United States…

The average woman earns $0.81 for each dollar earned by the average man.

The average black woman earns $0.61 for each dollar earned by the average white man.

The average Latino man earns $0.86 for every dollar earned by the average white woman.


Both men and women of historically marginalized groups receive lower pay for doing the same work.

This needs to change.


Our goal is to make 81cents a service that can empower members of
all marginalized groups to better, more effectively negotiate.

We also recognize that it’s a privilege to even be in a position to negotiate and, for many types of work, it’s not possible.

It’s our hope that, by helping more women negotiate and rise the ranks, we can increase representation in workplace leadership and reduce widespread pay disparities. In the future, we plan to expand to other facets of life where negotiation may occur.