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I got so much value from my 81cents review and walked away feeling empowered and bold. An invaluable feeling.

It was easily worth the cost.

Sarah B., Director of User Experience

Public Software Company, Los Angeles


Googling negotiation techniques and salary reports only gets you so far. Having professionals in my field look at my offer made me so much more confident.

Having a personalized review is EVERYTHING!

Tara G., Software Engineer

Series A Startup, San Francisco


81cents helped prepare me for an ambiguous review process at a messy, young company and equipped me to make a strong case for a raise.

You all are doing the most important work, thank you!

Clare B., Director of Marketing

Early-Stage Startup, Washington, D.C.


Quick, thorough, and one of the only ways I’ve seen to find your market value.

81cents was easy and helped me feel justified in asking for more. I especially appreciated the fast turnaround.

Christina G., Product Manager

Public Software Company, Seattle

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I'm heading into a final round interview in a new space.

Having the 81cents report in hand makes me feel so much more secure in my ability to know my worth and negotiate effectively.

Tess P., Partnerships Manager

Series A Startup, San Francisco


The insights from 81cents were incredibly helpful. I felt so confident going into my negotiation and got a $5,000 bump in base salary and additional equity.

I can’t express how important this work is.

Ashley B., Product Manager

Series A Startup, New York City

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