We help women and underrepresented minorities get paid fairly.

81cents provides you a customized report, built from a team of advisors and industry experts, so you are best prepared for your salary negotiation.



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What you get when you work with 81cents

Get a custom-built compensation report to help negotiate salary and total compensation in a new offer or prepare for an upcoming review/promotion. Each report includes:


Crowdsourced Feedback and Advice

We curate advice and insights from recruiters and seasoned hiring managers in your field and city. Each report comes with feedback from at least 4 expert reviewers.


A Customized Action Plan

81cents expert reviewers outline a proposed plan of action — how they’d approach your annual review or new offer negotiation if they were you.

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Recruiter-Vetted Best Practices

Each report includes best practices sourced from negotiation coaches and vetted by experienced recruiters as well as negotiations professors from Berkeley and Harvard.

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Tess, Partnerships Manager

“I'm heading into a final round interview in a new space.

Having the 81cents report in hand makes me feel so much more secure in my ability to know my worth and negotiate effectively.”


Tara, Software Engineer

Googling negotiation techniques and salary reports only gets you so far. Having professionals in my field look at my offer made me much more confident. A personalized review is EVERYTHING!


Clare, Director of Marketing

81cents helped prepare me for an ambiguous review process at a messy, young company and equipped me to make a strong case for a raise.

You’re doing the most important work, thank you!

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