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Crowdsourced personalized advice from hiring managers, recruiters, and those in similar roles. Get feedback on a new offer or an upcoming review/promotion.

Your offer will be anonymouslyshown to dozens of top performers at the most prominent tech companies.

Quality Reviewers

Your compensation will be anonymously shown to experienced executives, directors, and hiring managers at companies similar to yours.

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A Holistic Review

Reviewers take your entire compensation package into account - not just your salary - to weigh in on the fairness of your pay and identify the best leverage points.

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Rapid Response

We understand that negotiations - particularly for new offers - happen fast. Tell us your timeline and we make sure you have your report well in advance.

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Offers or Annual Reviews

Our reports work for both new offers and reviews.

About 60% of 81cents customers purchase reports for an upcoming review.

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Give the gift of data, validation, and empowerment


By popular demand, we’re excited to introduce 81cents gifting.

Often, the people who’d benefit the most from negotiation support don’t know that they need it. 81cents gifts are designed for these individuals.

We’ve seen friends, colleagues, siblings, and parents all give the gift of 81cents.

We also offer anonymous gifting.

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