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Personalized feedback, tactical advice, and market data - customized for you.

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For $150 we’ll build you a 25-page report of personalized feedback, tactical advice, and market data from professionals, hiring managers, and recruiters in your field.

If you don’t have a better understanding of your market value after receiving your report, we’ll refund your full order.

How is my compensation report created?


Step 1. Tell us about yourself

Fill out our step by step intake form with your background, salary information and situation.

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Step 2. We curate a list of relevant professionals 

We filter through thousands of professionals on our platform to find hiring managers, recruiters and senior leaders specific to YOUR situation.


Step 3. We collect feedback and advice

We crowdsource detailed intel from professionals in companies like Lyft, Square, Amazon, Segment, Linkedin and hundreds others.

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Step 4. You receive a personalized 25-page report

You get a report with responses from 4 - 8 qualified professionals as well as tailored best practices, script templates and the option to speak to your reviewers 1 on 1.

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Want to learn more?

Fill in your email and we’ll send you a sample report.


How quickly can I get my report?

It depends on your needs! Our standard timeline in 4-7 business days but we can work with your schedule and turn reports around in as little as 36 hours if needed. You’ll be asked to specify your timeline in the post-purchase intake form.

When is the right time for me to purchase an 81cents report?

Are you curious about your market value? Would you benefit from having more accurate salary data? Are you anticipating a promotion, raise, or a new job offer? If so, 81cents is a fit for you.

Here are a few of the most common use cases for 81cents:

“I received a new offer and am trying to find data to support my negotiation.”

“I want to make sure I’m ready to respond to the ‘What are your salary expectations?’ question.” ”

“I have an annual review coming up and I’m not sure how to make a case for a promotion.””

“I’m about to start interviewing for new roles and am trying to find out my market value.””

“I’d like to find out how my pay compares to others in similar roles.”

What functions do you support?

The majority of 81cents customers work in functions like product management, data science, engineering, design, UX, marketing, business operations, sales, finance, business intelligence, and business development / partnerships.

However, the number of functions we're able to support expands every month. Please reach out to to check if we're able to provide valuable insights for you.

What if I have multiple offers?

We're set up to accomodate those who are evaluating multiple offers. After purchasing a report, you'll be directed to an intake form where there's space to provide the details of all offers you're evaluating.

Do you offer gifting?

Yes, we do! Click here for more details.

Why should I trust 81cents?

To date, we’ve worked with over 190 individuals negotiating with companies like LinkedIn, Facebook, Lyft, Bird, Google, Salesforce, and Airbnb, plus growing startups and high-profile non-profits.

If you’re interested in connecting with a previous customer as a reference, please email

We also offer a full money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the quality of the report and don’t feel as if it helps you further your sense of your market value. All we ask is that you hop on a short call so we can collect feedback to implement in future iterations of our product.

How is this different from Glassdoor?

When you work with 81cents, you get your own personal team of advisors who provide niche market data, feedback on your total compensation (including base, bonus, equity, 401k match, and benefits), as well as tactical advice to use in a negotiation or a tough career conversation.

These insights are delivered in the form of a 25-page report (sign up above to receive a sample).

Glassdoor typically provides one to two data points to give you an understanding of what salaries individuals with your title and level of experience usually see. Their data is much broader (generally about 15% above or below market value), but is available on demand.

We believe it’s always valuable to look at multiple sources of compensation data and recommend consulting Glassdoor, too!

How do you protect my anonymity?

We understand that there are major sensitivities around sharing compensation information (it’s why services like 81cents need to exist in the first place). We work hard to protect the identity of every 81cents customer and ensure that no personally identifiable information is shared with reviewers.

You’ll be given the opportunity to specify privacy preferences in the intake form you’ll fill out after purchasing a report.

Do you offer scholarships or payment plans?

Yes! Please reach out to for more information.

What countries do you work in?

For the moment, 81cents is focused on supporting women and underrepresented minorities in Canada and the United States.

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