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Introducing Personalized Compensation Reports — get compensation feedback and negotiation advice from professionals in your field, hiring managers, and recruiters.


What you get when you work with 81cents

A custom-built compensation report, which includes:


Crowdsourced Feedback & Advice

We curate advice & insights from recruiters & seasoned hiring managers in your field. Each report comes with feedback from at least 4 expert reviewers.


A Customized Action Plan

81cents expert reviewers outline a proposed plan of action — how they’d approach your annual review or new offer negotiation if they were you.


Recruiter-Vetted Best Practices

Each report includes best practices sourced from negotiation coaches & vetted by experienced recruiters as well as negotiations professors from Berkeley & Harvard.


For once, head into a negotiation feeling confident & prepared.

"81cents gave me the confidence to go for it."

- Clare, Marketing Director, increased base salary by 8%


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How does it work?

You tell us about yourself, we do the rest

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First, you submit the details of your offer or compensation via our simple, online intake form.

Then, we source personalized feedback on your compensation from hiring managers, recruiters, & professionals in similar roles.

Within a few days, you'll receive your personalized report with custom insights & best practices.

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Real Women, Real Results


Lesley, Software Engineer

Series A Startup

After my negotiation our CTO said, "You really impressed me with how you presented your point & how articulately you negotiated.

I couldn't have done it without 81cents. The work you do is
life- changing.


Lisa, Sr. Director of Product

Series H Tech Company

What a wonderful idea, service, and execution! Feeling confident going into compensation conversations can be daunting without data and social validation.

I love that 81cents is tackling these challenges.

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Just 4 minutes of your time each month could help close the wage gap.

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